Border corner shapes, just a thought.

Prompted by Lea Verou's post: Preview…

The "tails" sticking out of the top corners of the image in the lower left are artifacts of saving from Illustrator. The actual shape is tear–drop. Here's a PDF copy for comparison.

In the case of the top 2 images, the "inner", or third anchor point would be assumed to have neutral values when it's values are not specified.

knock–out shape knock–out shape has an extra anchor at the inner apex innerheight outer height inner width outer width no extra anchor, just 180˚ opposing bezier valueswith differing radii for the top and side anchors Going from the border-corner-shape post, the idea is to allow control over the anchor points thatdefine the border-corner-shapes. In the case of the square–notched, or “keystone” style corner, it’s a matter of allowingcontrol over the outer-width, versus the inner-width of the overall shape. Control over the angles & size of the corner shape can be had with control over the x & y positions of 3 "point" anchors.In the case of the rounded corners, controlling the position, radius, and angle of the 3 anchorswould be needed. The anchors need to be bezier–handle style anchors.