A little about the portfolio pieces.


Below is a summary of the projects represented in the portfolio, the skills involved and main purpose for each piece.


  • The cards (Endymion, Robert Slimbach, and Anatomy of Type) are all high definition vector graphics originally. They've been optimized for web viewing here.
  • For web display I also added the CSS animated typing effect (courtesy of a tutorial by @LeaVerou).
  • The Anatomy of Type and Mondrian–style grid were both typography class exercises. Endymion was simply an inspiration that occurred during the course.

jQuery/PHP/RDBMS design

  • COTin is an ongoing project used in trading the Forex (foreign exchange) market. A discussion of COT, and how to use the data is contained in the ?WTF section of the site.
  • The site was contsructed using HTML and CSS for a framework, jQuery for the image sliders and lightbox, PHP/MySQL for the relational database, registration & login, contact, and site search systems.
  • PHP is used within the CSS to bring database values into gradient graphics used as market index indicators. This is where I learned how to create variables in CSS using PHP. The site was also where I first learned to apply many of the new CSS3 features in lieu of using JPEG, or other image files for graphics.


  • The Belize Beach Club was a fantasy project, and my first web site. During the project I was introduced to jQuery image sliders, and jQuery form validation.
  • API Search was initially built as a reference to the ActionScript 3.0 API at Adobe. I wanted a direct way to search code parameters and methods without having to search for the link in my bookmarks, then initiate a search from the site.
  • The web app now covers the API's of 6 programming languages, and as time allows, I'll be adding another three. It grew out of a bookmarklet blog post by David Walsh davidwalshblog.
  • This site makes use of some of CSS's more advanced features. Transitions, transforms, and translation animation effects are in use on the main and contact pages. The CSS behind the tiles, and in other places on the site, uses attribute selectors. While I'm not using a framework (this site is hand coded) I have employed BEM and OOCSS principles. Media Queries are being used to help make the site adaptive to any size device screen.

ActionScript 3.0

  • The Koi museum show was developed as a fictitious exhibit for a museum. The main purpose of the project was to aquire facility with ActionScript 3.0 and object oriented programming.
  • The ActionScript projects are comprised entirely of code with some assets (images or graphics) in the library, and some loaded via XML at runtime.
  • Blend modes is an educational piece demonstrating how color blending is calculated in computer graphics.


  • Powerpoint was used to create presentation slide shows for an Information Design based site proposal & a mobile app. proposal.
  • PDF binders were used to produce print–ready project proposals for three websites (included in the portfolio) and a new product label with ad. setup.