FX Trading Clock

  • Picture of Big Ben
  • Penthouse clocktower
  • Paris la Conciergerie
  • Sydney Clockmasters
  • Ginza Clocktower
  • Penthouse clocktower with black background

1. To track trading sessions around the globe. Select a city from the drop down box. The clock adjusts the time and image to match that city.

2. Australia uses a four character acronym for timezones. Java is now allowing for all 4 characters to be displayed (it wasn't initially for this app) so now it's showing "AEDT".

3. The app is posted here Trading Clock for download.

or The same app is available with a black background Here.

4. You will need to unzip, then open the ShowGMTv0.0.6 folder. Open the "dist" folder, and double click the ShowGMT.jar file to open the clock.

5. If the clock starts up with the time frozen, just close it and double click the .jar file or shortcut again.

6. Click on the clock tower image to close the app.

7. The first time you run the clock, it will be frozen when you first pick a timezone. Just pick another time zone, and it'll start working correctly.

8. For Windows, you can make a shortcut. R click on ShowGMT.jar and choose "Create shortcut" from the menu.

9. For a "how to" video on using the app, click here.